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LASIK costs as low as $22/week We believe everybody deserves to see their very best.  We make it easier for you to pay for life changing refractive surgery options like LASIK and premium lens procedures.  Care Credit offers zero interest same as cash payment plans and low cost extended payment plans. You can also use…

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Care Credit

Plastic CR-39

Eyeglass Lenses

CR-39 is a plastic polymer commonly used in eyeglass lenses.  It was developed by Columbia Resins in 1940.  The Armorlite Lens Company started manufacturing eyeglass lenses with CR-39 in 1947.  Today CR-39 is made by PPG industries. CR-39 has an index of refraction of 1.498 and an Abbe number of 58.  Today there are many…

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Plastic CR-39 Lens

Eye Conditions Caused By Stress

Eye Care

Eye Conditions Caused By Stress Have you ever experienced an irritating eye twitch that just won’t seem to end? How about dry eyes or blurred vision? Have you ever thought that these issues could be caused by stress? It’s true; our eyes are an extension of our brain so whatever affects the various parts of…

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close up of eye

What are Cataracts?


What are Cataracts? As we grow older our bodies experience many different changes, and our eyes are no exception to this rule. Usually as we age and our vision becomes more blurred, we assume that we probably need new glasses with a stronger prescription, but in fact, cataracts may be the culprit behind our declined…

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Eye with cataract

Glaucoma and the Importance of Having Your Eyes Examined

Eye Care

Glaucoma and the Importance of Having Your Eyes Examined What is Glaucoma? Glaucoma is a group of eye diseases in which the optic nerve, which connects your eye to your brain, is damaged by the pressure of fluid inside your eye. There are two main types of glaucoma. One is primary open-angle glaucoma and the…

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