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A cataract is the gradual clouding of the part of your eye known as the crystalline lens. Cataracts occur when there is a buildup of protein in the lens that makes it cloudy. This buildup prevents light from passing through the lens, causing some loss of vision. It is not known what causes the buildup of the protein responsible for clouding the lens.

Some risk factors for Cataracts include:

  • cigarette smoking
  • medications such as corticosteroids
  • eye injuries
  • sun exposure
  • diabetes
  • obesity
  • heavy alcohol consumption
  • and age over 65 years.
Men over 65 are at risk for cataracts

Symptoms of Cataracts

Cataracts often form slowly and cause few symptoms.

When symptoms are present, they can include:

  • Vision that is cloudy, blurry, foggy or filmy
  • Sudden nearsightedness
  • Changes in the way color is seen, particularly the color yellow
  • Problems driving at night because oncoming headlights are distracting
  • Problems with glare
  • Double vision
  • A sudden temporary improvement in close-up vision
Comparison between a normal view and view of patient suffering from cataract

Types of Cataracts

More Information About Cataracts

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