Cataract surgery is almost never an emergency. The time for surgery is when a cataract is causing blurry vision to the point that the patient is having difficulty performing the visual tasks they need or like to do. Cataract surgery is a procedure that removes the cloudy lens from the eye. Today, this procedure can be accomplished very quickly and no stitches are needed. A local anesthetic is used and the surgeon makes a small incision in the outer covering of the eye. Then a technique is used, called phacoemulsification, which removes the lens through the small incision.

Cataract Surgery Diagram

Following the cataract removal, the ophthalmologist is then ready to implant a man-made intraocular lens. The other option is a premium lens that can reduce the need for glasses after surgery. At Coastal Bend Eye Center, our cataract surgeons will help you choose the lens that is best suited for you and will make sure that you are knowledgable of every option available.